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Roblox Hack's aren't Magic?

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So you wanna Hack Roblox, eh?

Playing a game like Roblox is frustrating enough. With a community as powerful and influential as Roblox’s, it can be hard fitting in to certain groups. As a new player, cyber bullying is one of your biggest threats. Even us seasoned players know how harmful words can be, especially if you don’t have the money to afford trending items, builders club, or anything premium the game has to offer. The bullying doesn’t end online though – multiple schools have reported Roblox to be the number one hub for slander, and have warned parents against Children’s use of the online game. As much as I’d like to blame the game creators for not taking preventative measures to stop this from happening, I cannot. The only thing Roblox can be held accountable for is how costly it is for parents and children to utilize their online platform – and to say playing is getting progressively more affordable would be downright incorrect. Over the years Roblox has taken advantage of their growth, maximizing profits for the sake of “growing their community”. Evidence has suggested otherwise, indicating profit margins to be astronomical, even when accounting things like development/monthly fees/legal costs and other necessary business expenses. And with the death of the Tix currency, it can be assumed how important it is for the million dollar corporation to maintain their one and only goal: Profit.

When maintaining a community it’s suggested you take criticism constructively, using it as a tool to leverage favor among those that seek it, which is exactly what the game creators tend to avoid doing. For years users have been requesting free-to-play features, requesting that developers of the game implement offers walls that users can complete in order to earn their in-game currency Robux. To no avail, the Roblox Corporation declined the implementation saying it was downright unfavorable. Suggestions were made regarding the decrease in Robux prices, pleading the creators to reduce the prices, theorizing how beneficial it’d be for Roblox’s long-term growth. Although this would be a small sacrifice, the risks outweigh the benefits substantially. Even then it was said that prices were fixated for reasons, none of which were ever specified on any occasion, it can be assumed that there was no real reason behind it. Just goes to show how absolutely important is it for the Corporation to meet the bottom line. Regardless of whether it’d affect users.

Due to how hesitant Roblox is in lowing Robux prices, many seek alternatives to purchasing Robux through the online platform. Some even go to the extent to search for hacks, generators, cheats, in hopes to find hubs where they can maliciously generate the online currency. Unfortunately though, unlike our website, many sites are misleading or downright garbage. Certain sites ask you to download special tools or applications, in hopes you execute them and become part of their botnet. Others are just broken, asking you to complete verification with absolutely no reward whatsoever. Due to the inflation and demand of this market, many users are coming empty handed, wondering if there’s any solution for their problem. Whether it is you cannot afford to buy Robux, or you’re just trying to save a buck, LazyAssGamer is here to help you.

PS: OH HEY! If you’re not into reading all this HOOPLA about why people use Hacks/Generators, or if you’re just wanting to get into the hacking process, navigate to the center of the page and click the “Hack Roblox” button. A generator window should expand, granting you the opportunity to search for your account, select the amenities you’d like, and generate your Robux. It’s THAT EASY!

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Erm, how can I get Free Robux then?


So you want to get free robux, eh? There’s more than a few ways you can do this, some that are more favorable (and to tell you the truth honorable), and others that are more challenging. It really depends whether you’re willing to challenge yourself mentally, or if you’re more laid back in a sense, where you’d like to avoid the hard work all together. Using a generator is the most straightforward method in obtaining Robux, without jumping through fiery hoops, or needing to download software/adware. Although this is the more favorable method, that doesn’t mean it’s the only one. If you have time and money to invest you can grow your account by purchasing rare items, keep in mind this is NOT a surefire way you’ll make Robux. It is, however, one of the most utilized methods in growing your account. So if you’re still wondering what you should do, I recommend reading both tutorials located on the lowest portion of our website (in the black boxes). If you have any trouble using our generator, please feel free to contact us by navigating to our menu, clicking “contact us” and filling out the contact form that is found on the page.

How to Hack Roblox utilizing our Generator


Just performing a Google Search you’ll find an umpteenth amount of ways you can obtain Robux. Again, using a generator tends to be one of the more popular methods, as it requires no investment, and takes little to no time at all. So if time is extremely scarce and you’re unwilling to go through the lengthy, costly, and risky process of obtaining Robux without using a generator, I highly recommend you follow the steps listed below. keep in mind, using a generator too often can result in your account being terminated, please do not use our generator frequently as it will subsequently result in you losing your Roblox account. (Which, you could probably make a new account a generate Robux there, but let’s not get into that)

1: Navigate to our homepage, which can be found at Scroll down to the center of the page and locate the button that says “Hack Roblox”. Once located, press this button. A large generator will expand in the page, revealing selection boxes where you may choose the amount of Robux you’d like, alongside of how many Builders Club days you’d like to generate. Once selected, it will prompt you asking you to supply your username, alongside of what platform you tend to play Roblox on.

2: Once all the information has been filled, you may click the “Continue” button, located on the generator itself. Please keep in mind, you might have to press this button more than once, as certain devices (specifically mobile tablets) tend to experience bugs, due to limited javascript compatibility. Please disregard this, as this is a temporary bug which we will be fixing in our near future.

3: Once you’ve pressed continue, the generator will display prompts related to the hacking process itself. This is for debugging purposes and is ONLY for advanced users, we recommend disregarding any of this information unless you’re experiencing an error message or issue related to generating Robux. Keep in mind, human verification is usually required, this is NOT considered an error message.

4: If Human verification does prompt for you to verify, we recommend you complete it as fully as possible. Completing an offer to verify that you are INDEED not a bot – we’ve had instances where users have created bots to automate the hacking process, which we found to be extremely stressful for our servers. In order to better serve our community, we have a majority of our users suspected of botted activity complete human verification.

5: Once verification is completed (if necessary), we recommend waiting up to an hour to receive your Robux. If you should EVER run into any issues, we highly recommend using our contact form to reach out to us, notifying us of any issues that arise with our generator.

How to get Free Robux without utilizing a generator


A lot of people tend NOT to prefer generators, due to the misinterpretation of their function, or what type of repercussions a person can face if caught utilizing one. And WE GET IT, generators are not meant for everybody, and not every person will feel comfortable completing human verification to use one. Because we’re all about serving the community, revealing easter eggs every now and then, we decided we’d cave and reveal one of the BEST KEPT secret in the Roblox community. And that is how to CORRECTLY invest into items, in order to turn a profit. Keep in mind, you will nee at LEAST $80.00 to spend in-game in order to get the ball rollin’, and there will have to be some risk assessment done in order to resolve whether this is a viable solution for you or NOT. If you follow the steps below (to a tee) you’ll find success in obtaining robux using this method – otherwise you might run into some trouble. That said, let’s get this started.

1: Head over to Roblox’s main website and login to your account. Please note, you will NEED a credit card or an active PayPal account with a balance or at LEAST $80.00 in order to follow the proceeding steps. If you do not have this amount, we recommend following the tutorial found above.

2: As soon as you’re logged in, guide your mouse to the left have navigation menu, and double-click the blue button on the bottom of the page section that says “Upgrade Now”. If you already have builders club, you will not need to follow this step. This is only for those that do not have builders club!

3: Once this button is pressed you will be redirected to a payment gateway, where you’ll be able to select how many days of builders club you’d like. Once selected, please fill out the payment information and upgrade your Roblox account to one that has builders club. Do note, you will NEED builders club in order to follow this tutorial. So if you’re not able to purchase builders club, disregard this tutorial and following our roblox hack tutorial located above!

4: (This Step Is Optional) When purchasing Builders Club, you will automatically receive a fixed amount of robux every day, which will accumulate over time. We recommend you buy at LEAST $20.00 of Robux in order to get your investments generating robux, but you do have the option of waiting until your Roblox account accumulates enough robux to make decent purchases. So this step in optional.

5: Now it’s time to make your first purchase. We recommend purchasing new limited-edition items, as they’re always in high demand AND usually have extremely high expansion, in terms of value. Please keep in mind, it is purely up to you to decide which items have a higher chance of becoming rare one day. DO NOT jump in an investment opportunity in collective items solely because we recommended to do so.

6: Make multiple investments in said items. Expand your investments by diversifying the type of items you invest in. Purchase and sell, until it becomes habitual in nature, where you’re able to make concise decisions on what purchases are good decisions are which ones are BAD. Automate the process, and you’ll be swimmin’ in the robux.

Facts & Questions

Is this really a "hack"? Can I get in trouble using this?

Yes, this is absolutely what you’d consider a hack. No, there’s a very small chance that you can face repercussions for using our tool. Mind you, the punishment for doing so is as petty as removing your account from Roblox’s website, in hopes that you don’t come back again. Utilizing a hack like ours doesn’t come with any serious consequence, as it is just childs play. Please keep that in mind, and disregard from unreputable sources claiming our hack to be a fraud OR malicious. It is in our best interest to help our users obtain EXACTLY what they’re looking for, and would ruin our reputation if we did anything less. This is just one other way we separate ourselves from those in our community and strive to be BETTER.

How long will this continue to work?

Everything in life has an expiration date. From the groceries you buy from the local market, to yourself. Absolutely everything has a date in which it’s rendered non-functional, or simply dead. Although we’re making integrations in hopes to preserve the length of time in which we’ll continue to provide out hack, we cannot make any guarantees we’ll continue to work throughout the years. Which is why we emphasize the importance of using us right here and right now, when we’re working. Please take this into consideration when thinking about using us – time is limited and so is Robux. Do keep this in mind.

What it it doesn't work?

The only instance our hack doesn’t work is when somebody forgets to complete verification. Do note, if you don’t complete this task fully you will not be allowed to generate in-game currency, as you will be detected as a bot. We’ve implemented this safeguard to better serve our community, and prevent unnecessary server load, which keeps our website responsive and QUICK in it’s deliveries. We can assure you, we’re working, and will remain working for years to come! (Or so we hope)