Originally, LazyAssGamer was a blog dedicated to posting about all gaming related news, from upcoming thrillers to absolute diamonds in the rough. However, after ownership was converted over to us, due to lack of effort and loss of interest the original owner had, we converted the website to something entirely different. With the goal to show users how to “cheat” or “hack” games without the need for tedious software and without requiring any technical knowledge, we sought out to develop a new hub for people to come to, in their time of need. Hence the name “LazyAssGamer”, our target audience had been converted from daily blog readers to something entirely different – People looking to find game hacks. Although some of our content has no specific avenue to follow in order to hack a game, we do make it our goal to provide users with the most updated and unfiltered insight on the reason why they COULD hack a game, without going into massive detail on the specifics.

Being that a majority of our volunteers at LazyAssGamer are security experts (Some┬áCompTIA Certified, others freelance), we understand what goes into creating cheat tutorials, cloud based generators, and general hacking tutorials. It has always been our goal to make every blog post, tutorial, or generator of ours as user friendly as possible. And we can’t thank our community enough for supporting this website (whether through filling out surveys, or just generally reaching out to us to say “thank you”), and the outpouring support is more than appreciated!

Although our team is always subtracting and adding people, we intend to continue our ventures in providing the gaming community some of the most efficient, effective, and cost-free hacks around. That just goes to show, we truly care about our users, that’s just one way LazyAssGamer is different than most!