How to Generate Robux, no gimmicks.

So you’ve spent days trying to reverse engineer how others are generating Robux, but have had little to no success in doing so yourself. Which isn’t surprising, considering a majority of other generators out there just DON’T WORK. And it’s not that they’ve never worked in the past and are trying to scam you our of time, that’s not the problem at all, it’s just that website owners fail to find ways around Roblox’s ever-changing strategy in combating those that generate Robux. Finding a solid website to utilize in generating robux can be near impossible if you don’t know the right places to look. Even worse, it can seem so daunting to continually experience the same results over and over again. Nothing feels as horrible as visiting a dozen websites and not finding ONE that achieves the result you’re looking to obtain. So before we get into “how” people generate robux, let’s explain some key points here that EVERYBODY should know before going on a massive search like this.

* Robux can only generated through cloud based generators. If the website doesn’t acknowledge the fact they use CLOUD BASED TECHNOLOGY to handle user requests, it’s more than likely this website is providing fake hacks for the benefit of their selves. Always ask questions before you use any kind of hack, unless you know the place is reputable – like us. In which case, we recommend you follow all steps thoroughly when using a generator or following a tutorial.

* Much like everything else in life, generating Robux can take time. These requests are usually processed in the order that they are received in, so it could take a few minutes or up to an hour for you to see your Robux appear in your Roblox account. So please, next time you’re using a robux generator BE PATIENT and do not contact administrators unless you find yourself robux-less for more than a few days. In which case, we’d be more than willing to help you solve this issue over email. (You can get in contact with us by filling out this contact form here).

* No Robux generator is made to work effortlessly and continually for years. Everything in life has a expiration date, and unfortunately, so do Robux generators. If you’re expecting your generating source to continue working successfully for the next several years (or months) do NOT count on it. Roblox is always searching for new ways to combat those that intend to cheat their system, and many coders and security experts like ourselves are left questioning ways to combat these efforts. Bypassing a patch can take hours or weeks, depending on how thoroughly it is coded, there’s no telling in how much time it can take to get a “hack” like ours to come back online. Essentially, never expect things like this to always work – because they won’t.

Now that we have all that stuff to the side, we can move into the bigger topic, and that’s what you came here for in the first place: Generating Robux with ZERO gimmicks. 

If you’re wanting to obtain some seriously good amounts of robux utilizing a generator, our website is the perfect source for you to do this at. Simple navigate to our homepage at and scroll down to the bottom of the page. You’ll find two separate tutorials on how you can obtain Robux, one using our generator and the next using a more permanent method. We recommend you use our generator, as it is a more cost effective solution – as it is no cost to you AT ALL. If you follow this tutorial down to a tee (and this tutorial can apply to many Robux generating websites by the way) we can almost guarantee absolute success in generating robux without any gimmicks. Keep in mind, if you do not follow the entire tutorial you will have problems in generating Robux on ANY website, so keep that in mind next time you’re on the search for a Roblox Hack, especially one that works.