How to Unblock Roblox at School!

Although playing video games at school is heavily frowned upon, it can be quite the entertaining pastime. Back in my day, we used to bring our own computers to school, and this was the most effective remedy when bypassing limitations school internet may have imposed. These days it can be much harder to bypass blocks, as wireless technology has become much more sophisticated over time, and certain wireless configurations could place limitations on the websites you visit, the applications you download, and the places you use to communicate with others. To put this all into perspective, it’s extremely difficult to bypass limiting implementations when connected to access points at high school, universities, you name it. But in this terribly brief tutorial we’ll be explaining how these limitations work, what these limits were created for, and how you can bypass them – so you may unblock roblox at school.

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How WiFi Blocking Technology Works

A routers main purpose is to serve the internet to users by routing connections to servers, it’s that simple. Many companies in the education sector provide comprehensive lists of IP addresses, which block connections to popular websites that aren’t education related, leaving you stuck with Wikipedia and absolute bordem. When a connection is initiated, the router cross references the IP address you’re attempting to connect to with a comprehensive block list. If this IP is found on this list, the website will be blocked, rendering the connection terminated.

Why Were These Block Lists Created?

Education is quite important in this day and age. With the human attention span becoming lessened, and the IQ’s of many students becoming compromised, it’s no shock to anybody why these block lists were created. School in an environment rich in information, providing self-growth to individuals that require it more than anybody, which is why it is so important to refrain students from becoming distracted, by any means necessary. Many education sectors created mandatory laws, withholding students from becoming distracted by social media or online gaming, in hopes to increase overall education scores through the country. These block lists were created with the student in mind. So while I warrant students from distracting themselves while at school, I think it is just as important to ┬ápermit those creative enough to find solutions to their problems the ability to bypass these restrictions. NOTE: Please do this at your own risk, lazyassgamer is not responsible for any misuse of this educational blog post.

How Do I Unblock School Internet?

Although this question has many answers, the most direct one is utilizing a VPN, or something other known as a Virtual Private Network. A simple google search can yield many results, in terms of VPN’s, one of the most common (and inexpensive) VPN’s a person can utilize is RA4W VPN, which can be found here. When using a VPN, you’re bypassing all blocked connections by relaying them through a secondary connection. Because you’re making connections through a completely different connection, your access to the internet should be absolutely untethered. Keep in mind, when using a VPN, your internet speeds will suffer tremendously, so do not expect your internet to be blazing fast. Also, you must use a VPN at your own discretion, as some schools might find this activity suspicious and could potentially suspend you, in the event you are found to be bypassing their network blocks.


Please refer to the video below for a more comprehensive demonstration on how to use RA4W VPN, alongside of basic questions.