Roblox’s Parental Controls – How to make Roblox SAFE for your child.

Granting your child the ability to play a game like Roblox unattended can be absolutely terrifying, it’s no surprise. With an uprise in the amount of pedophiles found online, it’s easy for a parent to resort to protective nature – preventing their children from being exposed to such a great threat. Although Roblox has gone above and beyond to alleviate this issue, there’s only so much they can do before things become costly or destructive to their community. As most know, when a company introduces preventative measures like hiring full-time private investigators, these expenses can be passed down to the consumer, and as Roblox continually finds more intuitive ways to increase their bottom line it can get very costly for the end-user. Especially one who pays-to-play!

Regardless, permitting your child to play among the greatest threats to our community is nothing a parent wants, and if they had the choice to prevent their children from being exposed to potential threats, they’d choose the most logical approach. Which is why it is so important to be aware of Roblox’s parental controls, as they can help regulate the environments your children are subjected to, and can further help prevent your children from encountering pedophiles/stalkers/bullies.

Located below is a quick tutorial on how to implement, setup, and configure parental controls on your child’s Roblox Account. Keep in mind, this tutorial was created on 7/11/2017 and could become obsolete at any given time. Please check with Roblox’s Parental Control guide for complete instructions on how to implement parental controls on your child’s Roblox account.

How to implement Parental Controls on your Child’s Roblox Account.


Step #1: Navigate to the Roblox website

Navigate to Roblox’s main website and login to your child’s account. Keep in mind, you must know your child’s username and password in order to login to their Roblox account. If you’ve lost access to His/Her account, you do have the ability to reset their password via the login screen, that is as long as you have access to the email listed under their account.


Step #2: Refer to the gear symbol on the upper right hand side of Roblox’s account dashboard.

Click the gear icon and a drop down menu should appear. From here, you should be able to access account settings for the specified Roblox account. If not, we highly recommend you get in contact with Roblox, and ask where their settings dashboard is located for the Roblox account you’re attempting to moderate. Go ahead and click “settings” to access the account’s settings dashboard, this is where you can implement parental controls in order moderate your child.


Step #3: Setup a pin code, and change the accounts privacy settings.

In order to prevent settings from being changed, Roblox’s grants account holders the ability to setup a pin code, therefor no settings can be reverted back to an older configuration without the provided code. We recommend you create an account pin code, which can be any four digit code you can think of – we highly recommend writing this code down for later use, as it cannot be changed unless you get in contact with Roblox, even then it is quite challenging to change this code. Hence, the reason we recommend storing it for a later time. You can create a pin code for your Child’s Roblox account via the “Security” menu option, located on the left hand side of the account settings page.

After setting a pin code, navigate to the parental controls section by clicking the right-hand menu item that says “Privacy”. From here, you should be able to control multiple settings like who can message your child, who you allow to message your child via the Roblox app, who you grant the ability to message your child in-game, and who you allow to view your child’s Roblox activity. Moderating these settings can help prevent questionable people from messaging your child, and deny your child the right to message these people back. This is the absolute first defense, in terms of the fight against predators in Roblox.

Although this is one of the most popular ways in implementing parental controls for Roblox, there are alternative methods that can prevent your child from encountering predators online, such as monitoring internet activity or limiting the amount of time your child is exposed to the internet. Although none of these methods are a complete fix to this issue, they can decrease the chances of your child encountering an individual of this criteria. Please be responsible when allowing your children to play large games, such as Roblox, and above all happy playing!