Roblox Asset Downloader – How to copy clothing.

Taking a break from our usual Roblox Shenanigans, we’ve gotten a lot of requests from our users asking how download assets for items in Roblox, which is most commonly associated with hijacking texture files from popular clothing in hopes to duplicate it at no cost to you. But before we explain in a little more detail on how this asset downloader works, we’d like to explain a little bit more about who we are.

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How does a Roblox Asset Downloader work?

Although we cannot go into extreme detail explaining how our asset downloader works, we are more than willing to enlighten those that are curious about the basics.

Our asset downloader works by pulling item assets, which is done by contacting Roblox servers, parsing their database for a specified item number, and displaying the image assets for said item. This process can be compared to retrieving a texture for a videogame, and replacing it with something else. However, instead of replacing the texture completely, our asset downloader simply retrieves the images for an item and terminates the process from there.

How can I use LazyAssGamer’s Asset Downloader?

There’s many tutorials online that instruct users on downloading item assets. However, many of these tutorials are outdated and some do not instruct how to perform this operation clearly. Which is why we decided to create our own tutorial. Keep in mind, this tutorial is working as of July of 2017, and might not work in the coming months or years. If you have any questions about this tutorial, or are having issues utilizing it, you may contact us here.

Step #1: Find the Clothing You’d Like to Copy.













Navigate to Roblox’s website and refer to the blue menu, located at the top portion of your screen. You’ll find a menu item that says “Catalog” – click into this menu item. You will be redirected to Roblox’s marketplace, where you can purchase articles of clothing, items, animations and MUCH more.

Step #2: Locate the clothing you’d like to copy.

Once you’ve located Roblox’s Catalog/Marketplace, you should be able to find an item to clone. I highly recommend you clone cheaper pants and shirts, as they’ll be the easiest to clone – if you have builders club. Go ahead and select a clothing type in the clothing category.

Step #3: Pick a clothing category and sort relevance from low to high.

Once you’ve found a category to copy an item from, refer to the right hand side drop-down menu that says “Relevance”. There will be a few options listed by this drop down menu, but we recommend selecting the “Price (Low to High)” option, which will sort all listed results below this menu from lowest cost to highest cost.

Step #4: Locate your desired item – the one you’d like to copy.

Once you’ve listed all items from lowest cost to highest cost, you’ll begin to sort through items in which you like and others that are a lot less desirable. Do note, certain items you encounter will be protected from copying, this is a safety mechanism that Roblox implemented when they discovered users copying in-game items. You might have to write down the URL’s for multiple items to find one that is not protected from asset ripping.

Step #5: Modify the URL to locate the item image asset.

Every item in Roblox has a unique item code, which corresponds to the item sale page and it’s asset page, which contains the image Roblox uses to apply textures to your character. By locating the image texture for a specified article of clothing, you are able to re-upload it via builders club and apply it to your character, without having to spend any Robux unnecessarily.

You can find an items asset by referring to the URL bar, and modifying the last number in the URL text. For instance, the string I am modifying in my URL bar is “761891735”. In order to locate the asset for this item, I need to change the string to¬†“761891730”. Do note, the amount of numbers you need to count down in order to locate an image asset for a specified item can change greatly between one item and the next. It might take more than a few tries to locate an items asset image, we definitely recommend copying the URL for the item you with to clone, in the event the URL changes. As we are only attempting to edit the number string in the URL, nothing else.

Step #6: Locate/identify the image asset for a specified item.

If you’ve successfully identified an items image asset, you should see a template displayed, much like the one in this screenshot. If you see something along these lines, congratulations – you’ve located an image asset for an item you want. Please pay attention to the steps as they are absolutely CRUCIAL if you intend to download an image asset for a Roblox item.

Step #7: In Google Chrome, right click the image asset page and select “Inspect” from the dropdown menu.

Step #8: Locate the tab named “Console” and paste the javascript code after the “>” symbol.

Once you’ve located the console tab in the inspect element control panel found in Google Chrome, paste the code:


right after the “>” symbol. Once you’ve pasted this code into the box, press the enter key on your keyboard. The image file will download, BUT KEEP IN MIND, the file will need to be renamed to “example.png” otherwise no image viewing application will be able to read it, open it, or edit it.





When downloading image assets from Roblox, you can copy many popular clothing textures, without paying unnecessary amounts into Robux. If you follow this tutorial carefully and understand the logistics on how this works, you too can copy popular robuxian clothing, without forking out the money for it. OH and by the way, if you’re looking for a Robux hack you should definitely give us try. Visit our homepagre to learn more about our Robux Hack and how it can help you in obtaining robux.