Is Roblox a Healthy Addiction for a Child?

With a popular game like Roblox surfacing the web it’s no wonder why so many parents are worried about their children becoming addicted. Like all addictions though, there are healthy ones and others that are considered to be not-so-healthy. Regardless, it isn’t a surprise to see children becoming so attached to a game like Roblox, being that it’s target demographic is primarily children, and the fact that Roblox carries many attractive attributes Children tend to look for in a multiplayer games. Seeing how Minecraft and online Flash Games like YoVille and Farmville have seen their demise, it’s no surprise how Roblox caught the theoretical tidal wave just as the shift from favoring simple games went fourth into preferring graphically pleasing games, causing them to exponentially grow at a rapid rate – and they’re riding this one out for the long run. Or so we believe.

So that comes down to the real questions.

Is Roblox a healthy addiction for your child?

Like all things in life, everything needs to be done in moderation. When you put a growing child with an undeveloped mind in front of a PC monitor every day for hours at end, it can be unhealthy physically and mentally. Sure, there are more than a couple BIASED studies that were conducted, suggesting that it is beneficial for a child to play video games, as it “improves intellect”. Keep in mind though, these studies were privately funded by video game companies themselves, as it would ruin them financially if they were to have a sudden decrease in players of that demographic. So to say that these studies were conducted fairly would be beyond true. And the sad part? playing video games as a child is not only mentally harmful, it can be physically destructive also. Most modern day computer monitors emit blue light, which has been shown to cause long term damage to eyesight. So looking at a monitor that hasn’t been adjusted to counteract the blue light it typically emits would be harmful for your children’s eyes, and could cause them many issues down the road. So to answer this question in one simple line – no, playing Roblox on a basis is NOT healthy for a developing mind, or body for that matter. HOWEVER, in moderation it is completely fine.


What are the dangers your face placing Roblox on a routine?

I wish I could inform parents/loved ones that these things were the only dangers you were putting your children in by playing the game Roblox, but I would be lying if I said so. Included in the large list of issues the online gaming community has recently acknowledged, one issue has become so large that private investigators were prompted to get involved – and that is pedophiles. Due to Roblox becoming a hub for children under the age of 18, it can also become a commonplace for those who intend to take advantage of children. Luring them into their disgusting and evil traps, creating terror in Children’s lives. Although there are many ways to remedy this, there’s no real solution that doesn’t involve constant monitoring, which Roblox tends to not perform, leaving parents responsible for their children’s unintentionally innocent actions.

If I were to compile this entire article into one short and simple answer, I would have to say “NO”. Roblox is the furthest thing from a healthy addiction, especially for a growing mind. And due to the constant battle between users and abusers, it’s very hard to find any redeeming qualities in the game Roblox. But to each his/her own opinion.